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What’s new in the tech world? Oh yes, Angular 13 just got released and with the latest updates and features. Building better apps just got easier.
This release incorporates expansion of Ivy-based features and optimization to provide a smooth and stable update process for your projects. Watch the video to gather more information on the same with PractechLab.
We, at PractechLab, are dedicated to providing information on practical aspects of technology and are keen on building basic tech knowledge for all.
In this video, we cover in depth explanation regarding the latest features in Angular 13. The detailed video includes information on the following:
● TypeScript 4.4 Support Module
● View Engine no longer available
● Improvements to the Angular CLI
● Improvements in APF
● MDC Implementation
● RxJs version updated
● IE 11support removed
Watch this short video for a clear insight into Angular 13.
For more detailed information on Angular 13, check out:

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