A Weekend of Trongate ~ Friday Pt 1: Getting set up

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Welcome to "A Weekend of Trongate". In this series, I'm going to take you everything you need to know about the Trongate framework.

There's quite a lot to Trongate and we have a lot to cover. In this first video, I'm going to show you the fastest way to get a Trongate Web App onto your computer.

By the way, I'm using XAMPP here for PHP and MySQL. You can download XAMPP for free from here:


Mac Users: There has been a little bit of confusion because of the XAMPP 'vm machine'. So, I have created a very short video for Mac users, showing you how to setup XAMPP on your computer.

The Trongate website is at:


If you like Trongate then please do consider giving the framework a star on GitHub. The revolution needs your help! The GitHub URL for the Trongate PHP framework is:


Enjoy Trongate!

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