Add Free SSL Certificate in Wordpress Site Setup Web Security HTTPS Certificate in Wordpress

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In this video you can learn how to setup free SSL certificate in your Wordpress Site.

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First step is to create Cloud Flare account, you can go to this site cloud flare, i will add the link in description section too. Register and open an account in it.

Next, we need to add our wordpress in it. We can click add site tab or button and submit the site.

All our site DNS data records are being added in cloud flare account.

And to continue with the video, we need to copy these two cloud flare name servers and add them in our website domain DNS Records.

Next important Step is to change and update the name servers.

So we need to go to the web domain site where we registered or bought the domain name.

My domain is with godaddy, you may have your domain name any other domain selling company such as hostgator or bluehost, but the process is all the same in settings up DNS Records Data.

In our web domain site, we need to go to the domain name DNS Record Management settings page.

Here, we need to change these two name servers and update with the cloud flare name servers.

We can copy the cloud flare name servers and paste them here and save the changes.

Next step: we need to go back to cloud flare site to verify and check the name servers are pointing to cloud flare site.

It will take maximum of about 24 hours for the SSL Certificate to be setup completely.

We need to change certain settings in SSL TLS page.

We need to switch on SSL TLS encryption mode to either full or flexible.

And next, we need to activate Always Use HTTPS settings here.

Next, in wordpress site we need to install SSL plugin by Cloud flare.

In wordpress plugin page, we can search for 'Flexible SSL Certificate By cloud flare' to install it and activate the plugin.

When all necessasary technical aspects are done, we will be able to see the SSL Certificate with the padlock and HTTPS before the website domain name. And done sucessfully.

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