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ScandiPWA Summer Meetup - Get your FREE ticket here:

ScandiPWA Summer Meetup is a go-to event for developers, merchants & agencies to hear the real success stories of companies implementing PWA:

- what was their journey
- what were the challenges
- and what results did they achieve

Take a plunge into mastering PWA and engage with merchants & agencies sharing technical details of real-life projects and the results achieved.

You will also have a unique chance to meet the ScandiPWA core team and learn some tricks and upcoming plans firsthand in the Q&A session!

Forget months of extensive migrating - successful ScandiPWA adopters will show you how to get a ready-to-use Magento PWA store in 15 minutes!

So.. What's your reason to miss this? Don't hesitate and sign up: it's FREE.

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Agent ScandiPWA
Video by Vadims Žuks

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