Angular Sussex 2021-07-07 Your Angular Study Plan & How to Style your App

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Hello Angulartists,

Tom White and Stephen Adams talk about your Angular study plan, and Chris Green gives us the inside track on how to style your app.

- Your Angular Study Plan

How do you study Angular and its ecosystem? Do You have a plan? If you’d like help with those topics and where to find good study materials, then this is for you. We’ve got a plan for all levels, graded by professional experience.

- How to Style your App

Do you have a strategy for styling your app and components? Does that include when requirements change? SCSS is often a weak spot for Angular devs, so here comes your solution; Chris is going to show us some of his secrets to refactoring and using tried and tested SCSS techniques to simplify and improve your app’s markup and style architecture.

Chris Green is a seasoned Angular developer who’s been styling the web since before SPAs were a thing. He has a long history in art and design so he was kind of born to present this topic.

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