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Best Minecraft VPS Server Review - I've handpicked the best Minecraft hosting services on the market and listed the key features that qualified their services to make the shortlist.
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???? Best Minecraft VPS Server Review - I've handpicked the best Minecraft hosting services on the market and listed the key features that qualified their services to make the shortlist.

Best Minecraft VPS Server Hosting Options in 2021 Transcript:
Hello everyone Carson here and in today's video, I'm going to be giving you a quick rundown of the top two VPS Minecraft servers in 2021. Now before we do get into this video, just a reminder that I will have a link in the description to both of these servers, so you can check them out or receive special discounts when you pick up your plan. And now let's get started. Now the top VPS minecraft server for 2021 is hosting or hosting or is actually one of the most reliable minecraft server hosting providers.

Now the platform the hosting platform currently offers five different plans for Minecraft server hosting, the first plan is 895 per month. The next one is 1635 per month and it goes on and on. Now the ALEKS plan offers a two core CPU and two gigabytes of RAM which is the cheapest plan. Now you have a bunch of different plans in the middle including the creeper and the hero Brian plan. But the top the last plan that hosting your offers is called the inner man plan. So you know that the cheapest is 895 per month, but the inner man plan is 2995 per month. It has very impressive stats including eight gigabytes of RAM and eight v CPU hardware.

Next up though, the second host I want to talk about is Hostgator you can actually host a minecraft server on hostgator. All you need to do is know which hosting plan to pick and the correct one for you. All you have to do is get a VPS hosting plan and then you can host your minecraft server on hostgator. Now the VPS plans are currently 1995 per month, which is actually very, very good for the stats you get. In my opinion, these are the two best Minecraft VPS server hosts of 2021.

At the moment, there are other ones and there are some hosts that are actually dedicated to where they don't host any websites as well, but they host Minecraft specifically. And in my opinion, these actually don't do as well, odds are these websites weren't built with knowledge of website hosting. And because of that, it can feel a bit clunky, and your downtown can get a bit high. It just doesn't have as many features and as much complete resources and management as hosting your and Hostgator offer with their Minecraft hosting plans.

They're both very good hosts. But I would rank hosting or slightly higher because a lot of people don't need the resources that Hostgator offers and hosting or actually offers their resources at a pretty cheap price. You know, starting out at 895 is not bad for Minecraft server hosting a lot of hosts offered more expensive so hosting or just comes through and provides an affordable hosting plan for your minecraft server overall.

And just to recap, though, these are the two top hosting plans I would pick or the two top hosting providers if you're looking for a Minecraft VPS server, the number one being hosting and the number two being hostgator. These are definitely the best Minecraft VPS servers of 2021. So if you want to check them out, you can go ahead and do so by heading down to my link in the description. All you have to do is click the link and then navigate and you can get an automatically applied discount code for either of these hosts.

So go ahead and do that if you want. Thanks for watching. Remember to leave a like subscribe and hit that notification bell because I do post every single day multiple times per day and you don't want to miss out on any of the great deals and discounts I'm going to be offering so go ahead and hit that subscribe button hit that notification bell. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

Affiliate link disclaimer: If you click the links in the description and get a hosting provider, we may receive a commission. With that said, we don’t let brands dictate our opinions - if we said it, that means it’s what we truly believe. Buying through our links will not cost you anything extra and as a matter of fact, may cost less due to discounts.

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