Big Daddy Linux Live! 06 Nov 2021, NixOS

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Welcome to BDLL where we are set out to have a talk about tech around a virtual water cooler. Anything that is Linux, technology and open source related is on the table for discussion.

A huge thank you goes to Rocco for starting the BDLL community and all those involved in making the community great and those that keep all this great technology developing.

Our show's main topic will be to discuss our exploration of NixOS. This will be a constructive conversation to highlight the good and areas for improvement for the user experience as well as how users decided if it was right for them.

Nix provides developers with a complete and consistent development environment. Stop worrying how to install dependencies for your project.

NixOS Resources

NixOS: How it works and how to install it! - DorianDotSlash

Introduction to Nix & NixOS Playlist

Ubuntu Podcast - S14E30 - Final Episode Recorded (NixOS Comments)

BDLL Community chat on Telegram:

Other Resources

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