BlackArch Linux Review | Arch Linux w/ Pentesting and Security Tools!! [2021] Better than Kali?

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Reviewing BlackArch Linux an Arch Linux distro w/ Pentesting and Security tools. For users looking to use security tools this is a perfect alternative to Kali if you want to use Arch and pacman instead in 2021. We'll explore tools, the desktop, system info, and resource usage. Could this be the ultimate hacking distro?

Arch Linux is an independent Linux distribution that comes with a minimal setup and allows you to tailor the system to your needs. That means you can install whatever window manager or desktop environment you want and mainly to start everything on Arch Linux is done through the Command Line Interface. This is what makes it so minimal because you could technically run everything from just the terminal. Without installing anything else on Arch Linux now this might make it harder to interact with Linux, but it sets you up with learning about the internals. Arch Linux focuses on supplying you with the latest development and releases in Linux.
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My Linux PC Setup :

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