Boosting your Linux Server Security with CrowdSec

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CrowdSec is a cutting-edge security solution for your Linux servers. As an intrusion prevention system, its goal is to stop unauthorized access and prevent attacks. But unlike other IPS solutions, it does it a different way - by using knowledge as power. CrowdSec was covered on this channel before, but in this video, you'll see an updated look complete with an overview of how to set up protection for Wordpress as well.

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## Individual Sections
00:00 - Intro
02:23 - Overview of the NGINX example scenario
04:41 - Inspecting log files before installing CrowdSec
06:38 - Installing CrowdSec on the NGINX server
09:27 - Clearing the CrowSec log file before testing
10:18 - Testing CrowdSec with failed passwords (no bouncer installed)
12:59 - Installing a bouncer
15:04 - Unbanning an IP
19:19 - Second scenario - installing the Wordpress bouncer for CrowdSec
22:30 - Adding the API key for the Wordpress bouncer

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