Deploying Ubuntu Instances with MAAS

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MAAS (Metal as a Service) gives you the ability to provision physical and virtual servers via an easy to use web console. You can use MAAS to deploy Ubuntu with ease, and it even supports PXE boot in order to provide you with a full deployment solution. In this video, you'll get an overview of MAAS and how to set it up.

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## Documentation:
Blog post for this video (includes the commands that were used

## Individual sections:
00:00 - Intro
02:07 - General information/getting started
08:39 - Configuring a VLAN for MAAS in pfSense
13:34 - Adding the VLAN to a UniFi switch
15:04 - Installing Ubuntu Server
22:40 - Installing MAAS
27:36 - Logging in to MAAS & initial configuration
30:44 - Initial PXE boot
32:37 - Deploying Ubuntu via MAAS

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