How to Create Powerful Calculators in WordPress

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When you think about calculators, what comes to mind? Flashbacks to a high school math exam? Do you associate calculators with grueling math-based tasks? Maybe, you aren't alone!

But we've got some good news: if you have a WordPress website, calculators could become your new best friend!

Did you know that adding calculators to a WordPress site could be a great asset to both the site owner and visitors? By offering helpful information, calculators can also serve as valuable lead magnets.

Formidable’s calculator templates are the easiest way to get started with building calculators.

Formidable offers a wide range of calculator form templates including Simple Mortgage Calculator, Length Conversion Calculator, Savings and Investment Calculator, Daily Calorie Intake Calculator, and many more.

Now, let me walk you through the process of creating powerful calculators. We’ll start with the template-based method.

???? Creating a Calculator Using a Template
First, you should have Formidable Forms Pro installed and activated on your site. Then, go to the Formidable forms menu, click Add New.

Scroll down and select the Calculator template collection. This is where you'll find all the calculator form templates. You can preview and install a template from here.

After choosing a template, give your calculator a name. Hit the Create button. It will open the form editing interface. Explore all the fields and their settings. Customize the calculator with your preferred titles, options, and numbers. Once you’re happy with the calculator, update the form. Then, publish it on your site using the Formidable Calculator Form block, or the Formidable Form block, or a shortcode.

We have an entire tutorial on how to publish a form. You can watch it here:

???? Creating a Calculator From Scratch
Need a calculator that isn't included in our templates? You can create your own calculators by writing formulas manually.

Just go to Formidable, then Add New, and create a blank form.

In this example, we’ll create a simple percentage calculator. It will need three Number fields: the number, the percentage you want to find, and the value.

I’ll add Layout CSS classes to these three fields to display them on the same row. In the Value field, I’ll apply some more CSS classes along with the Layout CSS class to make it calculator-friendly. Also, I’ll mark the Value field read-only. Then, we want to save the changes.

Now, we need to add our mathematical formula to the Value field. Go to the Advanced section of the Value field. Switch the Default Value option to the Calculation mode. Then enter the formula.

We’re using the field IDs of the Number and Percentage fields along with the Asterisk symbol and 0.01 to make the formula. The Asterisk symbol is used to multiply the values.

In the same section, you'll find some calculation options. Explore them as well.

Now that your calculator is complete, you can add extra fields, like an Email field. The Email field will also need a Layout CSS class to match the form styling.

Our percentage calculator is ready. Let’s update it. Then, publish the form on a page.

Visit the form on the front-end. Using the email field of the calculator, visitors can submit an email address to turn the calculator into a lead magnet.

With lead magnets, it's usually best to switch the calculation field to a hidden field and make the desired data field required. Then, show the result in the confirmation message instead. This way, the form must be submitted before the visitor gets the information they are after.

Making a calculator is easier than ever in WordPress! Stay tuned for more helpful tutorials on the best way to get started. Thanks for stopping by!

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