How to Fix Wamp Server vcruntime140.dll Missing Error in 2021 - 100% Working

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How to Fix Wamp Server vcruntime140.dll Missing Error in 2021 - 100% Working

Few days ago I had a problem related with vcruntime140.dll and Wamp server. I couldn’t launch WAMP server on my desktop,
the light simply didn’t want to turn green and also I was getting a system error with the following text “The program can’t start
because VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem.” I have tried to install
Apache services and other Microsoft redistributables, but nothing has helped me to fix the issue. The reinstallation of WAMP
server didn’t help at all. I’ve tried to post my problem on various forums, but didn’t get any solution guide. Users have advised
me to reinstall the operating system, but I didn’t like this idea and started to search for quick, simple manual fix of vcruntime140.dll
is missing error. Reason is wampserver installation is missing vcruntime140.dll, this is a problem often encountered when installing wamp.So download windows update files and install.

1.unstall wamp server this link and download. link and steps in the description
3.extract the file
4.install all the windows update files.
5.restart your pc
6.install wamp server wamp server

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