How to Get Real-Time Insights From Your Couchbase JSON Data - CBConnect21

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Modern enterprises strive to be data driven. Companies are generating and analyzing data at unprecedented volumes. Couchbase Analytics is a powerful tool that enables data teams to run ad hoc analytical queries leveraging massively parallel processing query technology. This dramatically reduces the time to insight from NoSQL data without interfering with application performance. And in Couchbase Server 7.0, analytics is more powerful than ever before.

With the scopes and collections features in Server 7.0, traditional database concepts like schemas and tables can be modeled in Couchbase, which greatly enhances data access, developer efficiency, and flexibility. The result: more comprehensive data analysis and better decision-making.

In this session, you’ll see some key use cases for Couchbase Analytics and learn how it can lower the cost of ownership for businesses. We’ll conclude with an end-to-end demonstration of the analytics pipeline’s powerful capabilities, including how to ingest and analyze JSON, which is becoming the de facto modern data format.

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