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00:00 Intro
00:30 Overview
01:07 Terminal
01:20 wp-config.php
02:30 Export Database
04:29 Zip Files
06:55 ISP Config cPanel Plesk
07:10 Add New Website
07:45 Set UP New Database
08:30 Checking PHPMyAdmin
08:54 Create Shell User
10:15 Log Into New Terminal on New Server
11:05 Navigating To Correct Path
11:40 WGET Files from old server
12:00 Unzip Files
12:30 Hidden Files
12:40 Import SQL Files Into New Database
15:07 Checking PHPMyAdmin
15:25 Changing DNS To Point To New Server
16:45 editing wp-config.php with Nano
17:40 Edit htaccess file
20:30 Conclusion

In this how to tutorial I will show you how to move a large WordPress website from one server to another. In this tutorial I assume that you already know how to SSH into your server. You must already know these following things, if you do not, click the link and learn them and then come back here. There is a similar post that I made a while ago called Transfer WordPress Site New Domain or New Server ( and it is a little less techy.

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