How To Set Up Ubuntu Based Distributions for Gaming (2021) – Steam, Proton GE, Lutris & Gamemode

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In this video I cover how to set up an Ubuntu 21.04 based distributions so that you can play both Windows and Linux developed games.

Step 1 – Install Steam & Proton-GE

Install Steam using your distribution’s package manager either with a GUI software store, or with the following Terminal command.

sudo apt install steam

Once installed, launch the application and sign into your account.

Next, enable Proton for your entire library by navigating to Steam / Steam Play / Advanced and ticking the Enable Steam Play for all other titles.

Restart Steam to apply the settings.

To install and use Proton-GE, navigate to the Releases page and download the latest version.

Extract the archive, and make a copy of the Proton-GE folder.

Next open your home directory enable Hidden Files, navigate to. steam / root, create a new folder called compatibilitytools.d and paste the Proton-GE folder inside.

Restart Steam to apply.

Now when you right click on the Properties of a game, under the COMPATIBILITY tab, you can now select the build of Proton-GE from the list.

Step 2 – Install Lutris

From Ubuntu 21.04, Lutris can be installed from the distribution repository using a package manager with a GUI software store or the following terminal command.

sudo apt install lutris

The interface for Lutris is straightforward, you click on the Lutris section under Sources and then search for the game you wish to install.

From there, follow the instructions.

Step 3 – Install Feral Gamemode

Feral Gamemode has been pre-installed since Ubuntu 20.04, but you can install on other Ubuntu based distributions using the following Terminal command.

sudo apt install gamemode

Once installed, you just need to request it.

In Steam, adding gamemoderun %command% into a game’s launch properties is enough.

And in Lutris, assuming that Gamemode is installed, it should be enabled by default.

If not, you can find the toggle in Preferences / System Options.

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