How to setup the new Tuya v2 Home assistant integration

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In this video I'll show you how to install the new (Beta) Tuya V2 Home Assistant Integration (Currently in Version 1.3.1). The new integration will replace the old, and give much better integration through the use of a new API. This is due to be released as a full Home Assistant Integration Q3 2021 (1st July - 30th Sept).

The new integration is faster, more secure and just plain better! If you want to get on board, follow this how-to tutorial and get it installed!

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In the Video I show selecting "Europe" and "Western Eurpope" when selecting the "Availability Zone". Tuya advises to choose ALL options.

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How to Use Tuya Home Assistant Integration:

HACS custom repository:

Tuya Developer Account signup:

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Sign up for the new Tuya Beta Test Programme:

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Tuya Zigbee / Wifi Gateway

Tuya Smart Socket (UK Version)

Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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