How to Stop WordPress Registration Spam (Plugins and Tactics)

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Trying to stop WordPress registration spam at your site? This tutorial is the key to stopping spammers before they get started ⬇️
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Because of WordPress’ immense popularity, it’s a juicy target for spammers around the world. They might just be trying to exploit your site and gain access. Or, they might want to spam your community, like filling up your forum with spam topics.

If you allow public registration on your WordPress site, you’re almost certainly going to run into problems with spam registrations in some form or another. Don't let your WordPress site be a target for spam registrations ????

In this detailed tutorial, you’re going to learn how to cut down on spam registrations using a mixture of built-in WordPress features and free plugins. ????



0:00 How to Stop WordPress Registration Spam
0:59 The Default WordPress Registration Process
1:27 How to Stop WordPress Registration Spam
2:15 Disable WordPress Registration Completely
2:54 Add CAPTCHA to Your Registration Form
4:12 Use a Dedicated WordPress Registration Spam Plugin
4:50 Require Admin Approval for New Users
6:02 Block Malicious IP addresses
6:28 Change the WordPress registration URL
7:18 Use a Custom WordPress Registration Form Plugin
8:49 User Registration
9:37 Profile Builder



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