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Kali Linux is an operating system used mostly by hackers because it have all the hacking tools and softwares used by pentesters already present on it. It's an OS kernel of it is Linux and it's a debian based OS. It have all the tools ranging from wifi hacking, website hacking,car hacking, forensics so much 4 gb OS is full of these tools. Python, Java, Ruby, C compilers and interpreters are already installed so no need to install language compilers and configure them... Just go and Hack On!

In this video we are installing this hacking OS not by making a separate boot partition for it... But we will use a virtualization software to install it with windows so that we can use windows and kali on same host...

00:30 - Why do hackers use operating systems like Kali Linux and Parrot OS?
03:06 - Installing Virtual Box
06:38 - Installing Kali Linux and setting up on Virtual box
10:25 - Configuring Networking Settings
Kali Linux
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