Kafka Based Global Data Mesh At Wix- Natan Silnitsky

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As your organization rapidly grows in scale, so does the number of challenges you face.
The growing scale comes in multiple dimensions - traffic, geographic presence, products portfolio, various technologies, number of developers, etc.
Coming up with an architecture that can handle all of the data flows in a universal, simple way is key.
This talk is about Wix's Kafka-based global data architecture and platform.
How we made it very easy for 2,000 Wix microservices to publish and subscribe to data, no matter where they are deployed in the world, or what technology stack they use.
All the while offering various tools and features to help adapt to the growing scale and insuring high resilience.

// bio
Natan Silnitsky is a backend-infra team lead @Wix.com.
He leads the Data streaming team in charge of building event-driven libraries and tools on top of Kafka and ZIO. Before that, he was part of a task force that was responsible for building the next-generation CI system at Wix on top of Google's Bazel build tool. Has many years of experience as a developer of large-scale web services - First in .Net, later in Scala. Natan's passions include clean and functional code, dev velocity, and great software design.
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