Mobile App with KivyMD - Python GUI for Android - Binary to Decimal Converter

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Both flip() and convert() can be done in fewer lines of code!
Check out the complete app on Github (link below) to see the shorter version

In this step by step tutorial, we will create a Binary to Decimal / Decimal to Binary converter app - with the help of Python and KivyMD ????????????
This tutorial is a bit more advanced than the rest as it involves classes, but don't worry - I will post a tutorial about classes shortly! so if there's anything you didn't understand, you'll get a proper detailed and simplified explanation very soon ????
In this lesson we will talk about:

⭐ timestamps: ⭐
00:00 - intro
00:38 - MD toolbar Widget
00:23 - Icon button for MD toolbar
03:47 - View the full list of icons
04:18 - Image Widget
05:25 - Text Input Widget (MD Text Field)
07:21 - MD Label Widget
09:15 - MD Button with ROUNDED CORNERS
10:29 - Convert Binary to Decimal
13:43 - Conversion Flip and State
16:20 - Convert Decimal to Binary
18:38 - Change KivyMD Theme
20:21 - What's left to do?
21:37 - Thanks for watching! ????

⭐ starter code: ⭐
from kivymd.uix.screen import MDScreen
from import MDApp
from kivy.uix.image import Image
from kivymd.uix.button import MDFillRoundFlatIconButton, MDFillRoundFlatButton
from kivymd.uix.textfield import MDTextField
from kivymd.uix.label import MDLabel
from kivymd.uix.toolbar import MDToolbar

class ConverterApp(MDApp):
def build(self):
screen = MDScreen()
#UI Widgets go here
return screen

if __name__ == '__main__':

Github Repository:

All available KivyMD icons:

Thank you so much for watching! ????

Beautiful Kiwis in the background are from:
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