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This video tutorial is regarding OpenCart Mobile App development services. We offer creative Freelance OpenCart Mobile App Development Services at Ecommerce Shop India. In this video, we have illustrated a Flutter technology-based Android and iOS Mobile App for OpenCart. This solution provides a friendly admin panel with extensions and native Android and iOS apps. The extension will be installed on the OpenCart Website back end and the mobile apps will be published on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Hence, make changes in the admin panel and visualize them on the live OpenCart Mobile App on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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1. Custom Home Screen Design & Control
The home page design of the OpenCart Mobile App can be controlled from the admin panel interface. It contains all the useful options to choose the home screen interface with the right banners, sliders, colors, fonts, products, etc. No need to make any code change on the mobile app but the same can be done from the settings by any non-technical knowledge person.

2. Easy Branding & With Source Code
The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App can have any branding as per website or business details. The apps can even be published under business developer accounts on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Complete source code of extension and mobile apps will be provided to the store admin.

3. Easy-To-Use Category Screen Design
The clutter-free categorization on the OpenCart Mobile App makes sure that the user can browse and purchase with ease.

4. Quick Login Options
The OpenCart Mobile Application comes with various easy-to-access login options like Google, Facebook, Phone Number (SMS) with OTP verification. Various one-tap login options make access to the mobile app handy.

5. Multilingual & RTL Support
The eCommerce Mobile App has all languages support like English, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, etc. The OpenCart Mobile App can have other RTL (Right To Left) scripts. The users can translate the entire Android and iOS mobile app into any language.

6. Quick Demo Import
The OpenCart Mobile App has various inbuilt demo layouts available that can be readily used anytime. The eCommerce merchant can quickly import the demo with easy selection.

7. Color & Block Customization
The OpenCart Mobile App can have any color options as per the requirement. Other app settings and product customization can be controlled as per the requirement. The custom blocks for products, categories, flash sales, etc. can be added and customized from the admin panel and positions can also be edited as well.

8. Information Pages
The information pages available on the website on About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc. can be added on the OpenCart Mobile App.

9. Chat or Call User Support
The OpenCart Mobile App has inbuilt chat and calls support by keeping and saving the contact details in the admin panel. The users can connect with the concerned executive anytime for quick assistance.

10. Light Mode/Dark Mode
The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App has both light as well as a dark mode for better browsing and display.

11. Payment & Shipping Methods
Various payment and shipping methods are supported on the OpenCart Mobile Apps. The below-mentioned payment options are available on the Android and iOS apps:

Credit/Debit Card (PayPal & RazorPay)
Cash On Delivery etc.

12. Simplified Checkout
The OpenCart Mobile App comes with a simple and effective checkout process that makes the order submission quicker and hassle-free.
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