Personal Linux - A SUSE Music Parody

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These lyrics came to us from the SLE Product Management/Release Management team. They
proposed the idea. The lyrics describe some core SUSE values and benefits like our support and
open-source nature. It talks about our obsession to deliver an astounding customer experience
and how our customers can make SUSE Linux, Rancher, and our support something 'personal'.

"Feeling closed-source, well you're not, of course... with SUSE and Rancher... just pick up the
receiver and we'll make you a believer!"

Just Reach UP... and boot SLES!!

Vocals - Tony Oros
Drums - Jeff Price (SUSE)
Lead Guitar - Roger Moore (SUSE)
Bass Guitar - Sean Rickerd (SUSE)
Rhythm Guitar - Brent Griggs (SUSE)

Parody of Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode.

Recorded at June Audio - Provo Utah with Jed Jones
Filmed and Directed by Russell Dastrup
Executive Producer - Russ Dastrup (SUSE Creative Media Director)
Camera 2 - William Jimenez
Production Manager - Drew Thomas
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