PHPSA 30 June 2021: APIs in Laravel, Symfony, and Drupal: a comparison with Roger Saner

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Welcome everyone to the June 2021 PHP South Africa meetup. We've got talks, we've got swag, we've got a giant zoom call for everyone! This month we're trying something different: the meetup will be a group zoom call so everyone can get in and chat, ask questions, and so on.
Offerzen swag will be available to attendees, and as usual there'll be a JetBrains licence raffled off.

Talk description
"Building an API is easy, working with someone else’s API is hard. Following the JSON:API specification helps build standardized APIs and makes automatic documentation easier. As says, “If you’ve ever argued with your team about the way your JSON responses should be formatted, JSON:API can be your anti-bikeshedding tool.”
This talk shows how to build APIs following the JSON:API spec in Laravel, Symfony, and Drupal. Each platform has its benefits, tradeoffs, and frustrations. I’m especially interested in considering tests, productionizing, and continuous integration when evaluating each platform.Spoiler: there’s no right choice! (You should probably be writing TypeScript-based lambda functions anyway...).
Along the way I’ll give my opinionated take on what I like and don’t like about each platform. I’ll also introduce the context in which I recently evaluated these platforms: a multi-tenanted CMS site with a decoupled admin backend."

About the speaker
"Roger is a web developer and CTO-wannabe who works at How Might We, a Cape Town-based usability consultancy (human-centered design FTW!). He started out as a PHP developer with Drupal 4.6.2 (yes, that’s old) until Drupal 7, then it hurt his head too much and he switched to frontend frameworks and pretended he’d never heard of PHP. After a deep dive into Vue and testing, he discovered Laravel which restored some of the joy of server-side coding. Then he discovered Symfony and realised that it’s possible to code entities with typed properties (hey Tyler, why use arrays and strings for everything?).
He is currently studying a post-graduate diploma in complexity theory and sustainability at Stellenbosch University and the Sustainability Institute, thanks to the helpfulness of the Cynefin Framework."

If you'd like to speak at the next event, please reach out to us! @php_za on Twitter, @Nik Spyratos on, or email [email protected]

For more news from us, sign up at hope to see you all there!
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