Pop!_OS Cosmic Desktop (21.04)!! Check out the BETA Today from System 76!! [2021]

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We'll take a look at the newly introduced Cosmic Desktop from System 76 on Pop OS 21.04 BETA. We'll also review and install Cosmic Desktop on Pop OS 21.04. Cosmic Desktop is GNOME based and mainly takes advantage of GNOME extensions to give you a better overall Desktop Environment according to the Pop! OS community.
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Useful Links/Commands:
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/zZD5q92

Pop OS BETA - https://github.com/pop-os/beta
Pop OS - https://pop.system76.com/
System 76 Keyboard - https://youtu.be/_c_0IrcZicc
Is Pop the Best Distro? - https://youtu.be/wNUmjRPekKs
Install Wine - https://youtu.be/Twp8UBh9DQ8

00:00 PopOS Cosmic Intro
00:16 Launcher
00:52 Exploring Dock
01:13 What is Cosmic Desktop?
01:50 Exploring Top Bar
03:05 Desktop Settings/Customization
06:40 Dock Settings
08:40 Pop!_OS New Release Soon
09:09 Workspace Settings
10:06 Resource Usage
10:38 System Info
11:31 Managing the Dock
12:25 BETA Information

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