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This is a easy level question of topic stack and queues. Here, you are given a prefix expression and you are required to evaluate and print its value and also convert it to a infix and postfix expression and print them respectively.

Question Name:
Prefix Evaluation and Conversion

Question Link:

Question Statement:
1. You are given a prefix expression.
2. You are required to evaluate it and print it's value.
3. You are required to convert it to infix and print it.
4. You are required to convert it to postfix and print it.

Topic: #Stacks #Stack #StackAndQueue #PrefixEvaluation #PrefixConversion

Used #DataStructure: #Stacks

#TimeComplexity: O(N)

#SpaceComplexity: O(N) (Stack Space)


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#Stacks #Stack #StackAndQueue #Postfix #PrefixEvaluation #PrefixExpression

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