Redcore Linux - Is it the "Manjaro" of Gentoo?

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Gentoo Linux is easy with Redcore! If you were ever intimidated with Gentoo, or just plain gave up on it, then this distro may be the answer. I give Redcore a complete once-over in this comprehensive review using real hardware.

⌚ Timestamps
00:00​ - Intro
03:55 - Login to a fresh install
05:37 - Overview of menu items
09:52 - Ask for help feature
13:00 - Theming
20:15 - Tweaking the panel
22:00 - Adjusting the splash screen
23:25 - Additional settings
30:30 - Discover packager with issue
40:00 - Using flathub with Discover
48:20 - Wallpapers and icon positioning
52:20 - Some bottom line thoughts
57:52 - Outro

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Manjaro Linux
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