Simple Calculator with Anvil - Python Web App Tutorial for Beginners

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In this tutorial, we will create a Simple Calculator GUI Web Application with Anvil ????????
You can sign up for a free account here:

This is the second episode of "The Battle of the App Frameworks" where we focus on pure Python web applications! ????????????
And what do I mean by "pure Python"??
NO HTML! ???? NO CSS! ???? NO JAVASCRIPT! ????????????
We will ONLY use PYTHON to create our web app! ????

We will design our calculator both with a drag-and-drop tool as well as with code and we will of course publish/deploy our application to the web, this time - directly from Anvil! No need to use Heroku or other third parties! ????

1. OOP and Classes:
2. Draw a forest of classes and objects:

00:00 - intro
00:42 - create a blank web page with Anvil
01:24 - image component
02:06 - set background colour
02:20 - textbox component
03:27 - button components
05:29 - grid panel
07:47 - button callback
11:08 - eval function
13:14 - style buttons
18:13 - publish app
19:00 - thanks for watching!

⚡Battle of the App Frameworks - Episode 1 - Flask ⚡:

???? Create a "Hello World" App with Anvil:

Thank you for watching!
See you soon in another tutorial! ????
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