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New for 2021, this B&T KH9 Suppressed is part of a limited production available exclusively to US based collectors. This one-of-a-kind platform comes with a ported, integrally suppressed barrel system with an included B&T RBS suppressor. The KH9 itself is the civilian legal counterpart to the KH9 carbine, and is manufactured with the exceptionally well-machined parts and Swiss-made precision that B&T is known for. It operates via a recoil-reduced closed bolt blowback system for superior reliability as well as accuracy, and comes with 100% ambidextrous controls. One of the KH9’s features that are more notable is its safety and trigger system; the safety lever functions as a de-cocker for the internal hammer and the trigger has a double-action/single-action setup. These features are typically found on handguns, but are somewhat rare for carbines. Another unique feature of the KH9 is its ability to accept 3 different magazines. It’s compatible with the same 30 round polymer box magazines used by the B&T MP9 and APC9 (1 of which are included). In addition, the KH9 Suppressed comes with forward mounted picatinny rails in the 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock positions for use with lights, lasers and fore-grips, as well as a rear, receiver mounted picatinny rail for the installation of optics.

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