System 76 Pop!_OS 21.04 w/ COSMIC | Best Linux Distro!?

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Pop!_OS 21.04 may just be the greatest GNU/Linux distro in the world!
It follows the "just works" philosophy, and System76's new COSMIC Desktop Environment is the cherry on top. It's stable and runs smoothly, has a wonderful workflow and a great out of the box experience. It's the distro that "just works". All whilst taking nothing away from the tech side of things, it's Debian when it comes down to it, giving you a slew of stable packages to install and use as you wish. It's unique interface offers something that is different from both Windows and Mac, truly making it feel like it's own identity.

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Not many distros impress me now a days
Nothing but a pretty dress caught in a blaze, such a bore
But Pop!_OS' COSMIC is something to gaze
As you'll be amazed and frolic at the pop in Pop!_OS 21.04

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