The Hoss Talks FOSS 45 - Building a strong open source community, Corey Hulen, CTO of Mattermost

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Corey Hulen, CTO/Co-Founder of Mattermost, knows that engaging users and contributors is key to building a strong and vibrant community. He joins the HOSS to talk about his journey to the open source space and how he has been helping to build a culture internally that promotes and embraces the community as key members of the engineering team.

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Mattermost spends a lot of time ensuring their community can be successful by making the contribution process as easy as possible and providing a welcoming environment.

Corey gives tips on how to grow your contributor communities as well as learn about the cool things happening at Mattermost. Whether you are in your company's OSPO (#Opensource Program Office), #DevRel team, or an open source maintainer this is a great talk to learn about some cool ideas and best practices.

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