Time for Wanda Ep.5 Recap (Don't Starve Together Livestream)

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Here's a quick recap of some of the highlights of the fifth livestream session with Don't Starve Together's Wanda, where she pressed onward into her second winter, performed some spooky experiments, downed Deerclops, and cheese Klaus! Be sure to check out my community page for my livestream schedule for the week!

Click this link for the full playlist of livestream episodes:


Here's the full livestream from which this recap was made:


And click here to join my discord, where you'll find info for a dedicated DST server as well as meet other like-minded gamers:


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Game footage is from Don't Starve Together, the delightful action-adventure sandbox survival games by slightly less indie than they used to be developer Klei Entertainment. Interested in trying it out? Visit these links to learn more and/or purchase!


Music is from the DST Menu Screen Track for the Wanda update, and my own version Spring music, Abigail's Waltz. Game footage, graphical assets, soundtrack, Don't Starve animated video clips, and sound effects used consistent with Klei Entertainment's "Player Creation Guidelines" as stated on their website:


Nothing in this video is sponsored by Klei Entertainment, and the commentary and information in this video do not represent the opinions or positions of any other entity whatsoever. And hey - no deaths this episode!!
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