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Best Windows VPS Hosting Providers Review - Are you looking for the perfect Windows VPS hosting? With plenty of options around, finding the right one can be tough. That's why I'm here!
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???? Best Windows VPS Hosting Providers Review - Are you looking for the perfect Windows VPS hosting? With plenty of options around, finding the right one can be tough. But, worry not, I've got you covered.

Top 3 Best Windows VPS Hosting Providers in 2021 Transcript:

Hello everyone Carson here and in today's video, I'm going to be telling you the best windows VPS hosts in 2021. Now pretty much all the good hosts on the market do offer some form of VPS. But windows VPS is slightly more specific. So in today's video, I'm going to be running you through the best ones in 2021. And of course, I will have a link in the description to these hosts where you can check them out at a special discount. And now let's get into the video.

Now the first host I want to cover is hostinger . They're easily my top hosts on this list. Now they do only offer unmanaged hosting on their plan. So unmanaged windows hosting, but they do have 24 seven support and very good technical level, which makes it easy to run your plan. Their support also, of course helps with the setup, which is really nice as well. Now a basic plan comes with a four core CPU, a 50 gigabyte SSD drive, and two gigabytes of RAM at only $26 per month, which is honestly really good.

These prices make it the perfect virtual server for any small to mid scale e commerce sites, or dotnet applications or pretty much anything else. They offer top notch performance, and super cheap starting plan prices and of course 26 a month which you really can beat. And they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee that's the third we have host wins. Now host wins offers very scalable, very secure and feature rich windows VPS services with both managed and unmanaged capability. Their prices are pretty good as well.

On the fully managed plans, they offer very comprehensive technical and management support, which makes it the most affordable managed windows VPS hosts on the market currently tell as I can tell. Now the offer of course both managed and unmanaged services, they offer windows 2008 2012 and 2016 servers so you can pick your choice. And it's scalable up to a 16 core CPU, 96 gigabytes of RAM and a 750 gigabyte SSD drive, which is just insane.

Finally though, on our list, we have interserver. Now interserver offers once again windows VPS, hosting unmanaged on 123 core CPU plans, and becomes managed on a plans that you spend over $40 a month on now the plans start at one core CPU ranging up to 16 cores, which makes it another very scalable host. Now they also let you host Windows based applications if you know your way around their servers, which is another big benefit. it's scalable with slice base packages so you can scale up very easily.

And of course, they let you choose the different types of server you would like like the 2019 or 2016 server. And they also offer free migration on the $40 a month plus plan. So if you get a $40 a month plus plan, they do offer free migration on that plan, which is in my opinion, a pretty big benefit. That is going to be my top three windows VPS hosts of 2021 now so if you did enjoy that quick rundown, please feel free to leave a like subscribe and hit that notification bell because I post every single day and you really don't want to miss out.

Thanks for watching. I'll leave a link in the description where you can check out these hosts at a special discount. Thanks for watching till next time and have a great day.

Affiliate link disclaimer: If you click the links in the description and get a hosting provider, we may receive a commission. With that said, we don’t let brands dictate our opinions - if we said it, that means it’s what we truly believe. Buying through our links will not cost you anything extra and as a matter of fact, may cost less due to discounts.

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