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Chat logs:
02:28:00 Fred King: One of my favorite Koha stories, which I hope is true, is that someone posted to a Koha list saying "Koha doesn't do (x)." Next morning came the reply "it does now."
02:34:41 Christopher Brannon: What? I thought you were sleeping during my presentation!
02:37:32 Tasha: Maybe a question for later on in the presentation--is it possible to debug non-working jQuery in Firefox? I haven't managed to figure that out.
02:38:00 Christopher Brannon: If you don't want all instances everywhere (on every page) affected, it is good to know the page ID and limit to just that page.
02:38:07 Tasha: Thank you
02:39:15 Christopher Brannon: F12 will open the tools, and you can also right click on something on a webpage and click on inspect.
02:39:18 Fred King: Somehow, online conferences are more exhausting than in-person conferences, wonderful though they are.
02:40:09 Jason: The console tab specifically in the inspector can be helpful in finding errors
02:43:27 Fred King: Have to go now. Thank you to everybody, this has been a great conference. Bye!
02:43:36 Christopher Brannon: So maybe have two, one for tested code, and one for new stuff you are testing.
02:45:45 Christopher Brannon: ^ Referring to the $(document).ready(function(){ sections. 2 sections might be ideal.
02:46:35 Jason: I have a bajillion $(document).ready(function(){ sections, don't judge me plz
02:48:14 TJ Rutkowski: What if the HTML does not have a CLASS? Or, if it is used by multiple elements?
02:48:33 TJ Rutkowski: Is it better to use JS vs CSS?
02:48:52 Daniel Gaghan (PPLD): George do you do a basic CSS for Koha?
02:48:56 Christopher Brannon: I'm judging you Jason.
02:49:04 Jason: I know.
02:49:27 George Williams - NEKLS: .icon_lists
02:51:06 Christopher Brannon: CSS is good for basic formatting you always want to happen. jQuery is good for dynamically changing CSS elements. But you can also do that in combination with classes as well.
02:52:28 George Williams - NEKLS: $('#main_intranet-main .biglinks-list .icon_general.icon_lists').hide();
02:54:13 Jason: I always try to fix things with CSS before resorting to JS, someone somewhere told me that is lighter? less burdensome? has less impact on load times? Something?
02:58:29 Elaine Bradtke: Seems to me css is potentially more general, js can be very particular.
02:59:52 Jason: yes! CSS is sort of cosmetic, JS can have logic. You want to make text red, use CSS. You want to make it Red IF it's a certain word then JS
03:02:53 Wally DesChamps: I LOVE this...we only have ONE library...and that extraneous thing bugs, I'm glad to be able to get rid of it.
03:04:36 George Williams - NEKLS: $('#main_auth #branch').parent().hide();
03:09:46 Wally DesChamps: During upgrades, are these customizations likely to be broken?
03:11:43 Christopher Brannon: It's also a good idea to review, because sometimes the changes you make are actual features in newer versions.
03:12:28 Barbara Johnson: One thing to be aware of with the 21.05 upgrade is that the OPAC changes from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4. If you have a lot of customizations, then your code may need some updating in order to display properly.
03:13:25 Jason: If I fix something with jQuery and find a related bug or file a related bug, I like to put that bug number in the comment of my jQuery to remind me to remove it later
03:13:49 Heather Hernandez (she/her): That's such a great idea, Jason!
03:13:53 Lauren Denny: can you limit changes to one library in a consortium?
03:13:57 Christopher Brannon: Yep. I do that too.
03:21:16 Lauren Denny: how do you limit code to one library instead of all?
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