???? Why Bluehost is Best VPS Hosting Option in 2021 ????

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Best VPS Hosting recommendation - Are you looking for the perfect VPS hosting option? With plenty of options around, finding the right one can be tough. But, worry not, I've got you covered.
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???? Best VPS Hosting recommendation - Are you looking for the perfect VPS hosting option? With plenty of options around, finding the right one can be tough. But, worry not, I've got you covered.

Why Bluehost is Best VPS Hosting Option Transcript:
Hello, Carson here and in today's video, I'm going to be telling you about the best VPS host in 2021. Now, before I get into this video, just a reminder to leave, like, subscribe and hit that notification bell. And now let's get into the video. Now, without a doubt from my list of the top three VPS hosts of 2021, there is a winner, and that winner is Bluehost. Now the pricing for Bluehost VPS is very, very good, especially if you look at the resources that you're going to get, you can get it in a bunch of different increments, and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

Now the standard plan is the cheapest coming at 1999 a month for three year. It comes with a dual core processor, 30 gigabytes of SSD storage and two gigabytes of RAM with a bandwidth limit of one terabyte blues also has an enhanced plan, which for cash four bucks gives you double all the resources of the standard plan. Now the nice thing about rules and why I ranked them as the top VPS host of 2021. Like the number one VPS host is because their features are impeccable, they have cheap prices. And all the other features are fantastic as well. Of course, as you might have noticed they have SSD storage, which essentially means your storage is going to be very, very fast.

Another nice thing they have is they offer root access for their VPS server, which means you're essentially in complete control of all the features and resources in your server. They give you instant provisioning root access multi server management of free SSL SSD storage and a bunch extra. Another really nice thing they offer is a free domain for one year. And this also puts them above a lot of the other competitors in the VPS hosting industry.

But boost gives it instantly. And they also have 24 seven access to their support team through a phone or chat. Now root access, of course, as I mentioned earlier, is also a very, very great feature for a website host or VPS host specifically, it basically just lets you have complete control over everything in your server. So you don't have to worry about any features not being available. So overall, it's very, very good. And there's definitely a reason as I'm sure you can tell that I've ranked it as the number one VPS host in 2021. The performance is insanely good as well. It's uptime, it's low times its latency, everything is top notch.

They also have of course a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is the industry standard. Now overall, if you want to know the key reasons why I picked Bluehost VPS as the top VPS of 2021. I'd have to distill it into their great prices, great features and great amount of resources for the prices. You see some plans have super good prices, but they don't offer quite as many resources as you would like. Or maybe they have a lot of resources, but the prices are too expensive. Or maybe they have both, but the performance just isn't very good.

Bluehost has consistently good performance. They offer great prices, and they offer great resources and ratio to their prices. That is just perfect. Now personally, one downside, which I could see is the fact that their uptime isn't quite as high as some other very nice, very expensive VPS hosts. Bluehost of course has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And their average uptime is 99 point 95% which is very, very good. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't see 99% of my customers complaining about that uptime guarantee or that uptime.

But for some VPS hosts like someone who needs a website up pretty much 24 seven, you might want to look at going for a very expensive, niche VPS host that focuses specifically on uptime. Overall, though, and just to recap, Bluehost is definitely my number one VPS pick for 2021. And I'm actually going to leave a link in the description to Bluehost at a special discount where you can check them out.

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