xQc and Twitch Streamers DDoSed After Playing Crab Game

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Twitch streamers xQc, Sodapoppin, and Soda’s entire streaming house were knocked offline by a DDoS attack after playing The Crab Game on stream, when the game flashed everyone their IP address in a public lobby.

The Crab Game was gaining popularity on Twitch as a quickly thrown together parody of the Squid Game, but the problem was the game was thrown together so quickly a mistake by the devs showed everyone in your public lobby your IP address...which if you are xQc or Sodapoppin is a massive security issue. And sure enough, shortly after they both started playing the Crab Game, both Twitch streamers suddenly went offline as they were hit by huge DDoS attacks using their leaked IP address in the game.

The dev of the game quickly apologized for the massive error, and warned all streamers to avoid playing the Crab Game until a hot fix went live to address the leaking of the hosts IP address, but not before xQc and Sodapoppin’s entire stream house were knocked offline for hours.

Streamers have dealt with DDoS attacks for years, with Shroud famously getting DDoS’ed just minutes into his return to CSGO a few months back and being forced to quit the game, but rarely does a game make it so easy by leaking their IP address. So while a hotfix may be coming, don’t expect xQc, Sodapoppin, or any big Twitch streamer to take another chance on Crab Game anytime soon.


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